Low-requirement high-quality feature generation for industrial needs.
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Low-requirement high-quality feature generation for industrial needs
IntelliBlink™-AI (IB-AI) is comprehensive and reliable deep learning system, integrating efficient and fast feature generation. It does not rely on a large volume of feature samples nor require continuous investment. Focusing on the complex and urgent application scenarios of industrial clients, and quickly provides defect detection solutions.
Integrate Intelliblink™ Vision Tools for Complete Solutions
IntelliBlink™-AI strengthens the integration of deep learning and traditional vision algorithms, establishing a smooth data path. Without extensive sample collection and annotation, it can quickly adapt to changing detection standards and occasional detection issues. It eliminates the need for long-term custom development, reducing research and development costs while improving the cost-effectiveness of products.
  • Cold Start from One Image
    Generate a massive amount of trainable features with only a few original samples.
  • Suitable for Multiple Industries
    Support massive brand cameras and common communication protocols.
  • Significantly Improve Accuracy
    Generated results are realistic, leading to higher accuracy of deep learning models.
  • Algorithm Integration
    Facilitating solution implementation by combining deep learning with traditional algorithms.
Technology Comparison
Diversity of Generated Results
  • Embossing
  • Crackle
  • Pit
  • OCR
Authenticity of Feature Generation
  • Sources
  • Generated
  • Accuracy

Augmentation: Use what you see

Integration of Traditional and Deep Learning Algorithms
Application of the Leaper IB-AI Integration in the Detection Workflow