Leaper Vision Toolkit

Self-developed underlying kernel code for high-level applications.

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A powerful visual inspection prototyping software, which makes it simple to address sophisticated vision applications.
IntelliBlink - AI
Low-requirement high-quality feature generation for industrial needs.
Industrial Internet
Information integration, efficient allocation of resources, intelligent industrial ecosystems.
  • Film
    LEAPER Surface Inspection for Films adopts self-developed machine vision technology to provide customized light source and optical solutions for optical film and special industry needs. It can intelligently identify and detect surface defects on continuously running rolls, strips or sheets of materials, accurately record the location information of defects, and provide closed-loop quality feedback and process control with cloud storage and cloud computing technology to improve the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises and contribute to the realization of technological innovation and transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
  • Photovoltaic
    The LPsolar series, independently developed by LEAPER, can provide systematic and complete machine vision industrial inspection solutions for the whole manufacturing process of crystalline silicon cells, controlling product quality while providing feedback on the processes, managing production efficiency and realizing the upgrade of “replacing human with machine”. Over 20,000 units of PV Inspection equipment were shipped from 2022 to the first half year of 2023. As a specialist of Machine Vision in PV industry, we continue to output advanced and realiable products as well as improving our service level.
  • Semiconductor
    Leaper WaferScan Toolkit (LPW) is designed to help user build the widest range of machine vision applications with ultimate flexibility. LPW allows developers to write their own vision processing, configure multi-threading, and access all tool properties and options. Cost-effective, high-quality production of semiconductors and LEDs require speed, accuracy and frictionless tracking through the whole fabrication. Semiconductor manufacturers and OEMs rely on LEAPER machine vision technology to ensure precise alignment of wafers during sorting, counting, masking and etching processes, increase traceability of wafers and die as they move through the front and back-end processes, and improve product quality through advanced inspection procedures.
  • Laser
    Vision algorithms and optical solutions for the laser industry. In-depth focus on visual applications in visual positioning and post-welding visual inspection in the laser industry.
  • Li-ion Battery
    Li-ion Battery
    LEAPER's configurable vision systems are widely used in all process stages of lithium battery production. At present, we can provide customized vision inspection solutions for the raw material section-defect detection of copper, aluminum foil and diaphragm; the production section-defect detection and width measurement of coating and slitting process; the core section-die-cutting machine, stacker, cut-and-stack machine; and the pack section-vision-guided welding, The core section-die cutter, laminator, cut and stack machine; pack section-vision guided welding, etc., we can provide customized vision inspection solutions for customers.
  • Logistics
    LEAPER empowers logistics sorting with intelligent information acquisition technology based on machine vision to provide intelligent solutions for the logistics industry, replacing traditional manual sorting work, significantly reducing the labor cost of logistics sorting, parcel mis-sorting rate, improving work efficiency and increasing sorting accuracy.
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