Vision-Based Inspection Solution for Photovoltaic
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Vision-Based Inspection Solutions for Photovoltaic

The LPsolar series, independently developed by LEAPER Technology, can provide systematic and complete machine vision industrial inspection solutions for the whole manufacturing process of crystalline silicon cells, controlling product quality while providing feedback on the processes, managing production efficiency and realizing the upgrade of “replacing human with machine”. Over 20,000 units of PV Inspection equipment were shipped from 2022 to the first half year of 2023. As a specialist of Machine Vision in PV industry, we continue to output advanced and realiable products as well as improving our service level.
Full Range of In-line Inspection Solution for Crystalline Silicon Cells
The LPsolar series can provide a turn-key AOI solution for the whole process of midstream of PV cell to achieve online defect detection and sorting. Those AOI modules can adapted different cell process technologies, such as TOPCon, HJT, IBC, Calcium Titanium Oxide. The full-process AOI solutions for TOPCon is shown in the figure below.
Midstearm: Application Scenarios of Crystalline Silicon Cells (TOPCon)