Self-developed underlying kernel code for high-level applications.
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Self-developed underlying kernel code for high-level applications
Completely self-developed by LEAPER, LPV (https://lpv.intelliblink.com/2.x/en/html/index.html)  is a comprehensive vision toolkit specifically for advanced vision system developers. It helps user build the widest range of machine vision applications with ultimate flexibility, and becoming a powerful "engine" for product R&D and project implementation.
  • Full-featured tool library for a wide range of applications

    High-performance library of Leaper vision toolkit covers over 90+ 2D modules, 10+ 3D modules, etc. The interfaces of the tool library are highly flexible and easy-to-use, allowing users to mix and match different interfaces at will, independently select algorithm modules and customize algorithm processes. Currently, LPV SDK has been widely applied in solar, laser processing, semiconductors, film, 3C electronics, automotive and other fields.

  • Performance Optimization

    Efficient and simplified C # API ( supporting. NET programming ) and C++API ( supporting MFC and Qt ), enabling multilingual and multi-compiler shared unified algorithm library based on COM technology. Cutting-edge design fully stretches the performance of multi-core processors and accelerates instruction set for Intel CPUs.

  • Efficient and High-precision Algorithm Module
    The HDR conserve an extensive range of image details; Patterns matching expedite the identification of massive targets.
    High-speed and high-precision recognition & positioning of thousands of targets in a single field of vision, with a repetition accuracy of up to 0.1 pixels.
    Integrate multi-frame images under different exposures into one frame while retaining all details of regions with varied brightness.
  • Ultimate Flexibility
    LPV is capable to connect to IntelliBlink™ seamlessly, helps you to make use of the easy-built IB tasks.
    IB Service
    LPV seamlessly connects to low code visual development platform-IntelliBlink™ (IB), empowering users to directly invoke machine vision solutions developed on IB, significantly reducing the amount of code.
  • Powerful AI
    LEAPER AI platform opens up a new world of possibilities to conquer industrial testing difficulties.
    Machine Learning
    The classifier based on a small-sample dataset takes only one minute to train, no need of GPU acceleration.
    Deep Learning
    LEAPER's patented deep learning module makes it possible to generate realistic, massive random samples with only one sample, significantly reducing the cost of collecting rare samples, and breaking through the industry's challenge in small sample training.
  • One-step Calibration
    The Combination of the patent-authorized distributed ChArUco board and various versatile calibration methods dramatically extends application scenarios.
    The LPV SDK has diverse high-precision calibration methods for different scenarios, laying foundation for solving various complex visual application challenges. LEAPER's patented distributed Charuco board offers a evidently simpler method of realizing multi-camera one-step calibration.

    FFD Camera Model
    The new FFD calibration algorithm perfectly against all distorted correction scenarios in intricate multi-mirror optical system.

    Image Stitching
    Through joint calibration, several images can be accurately spliced into one, addressing the challenges in high-precision positioning and measurement for large field of view in a cost-effective manner.